Our planet and it’s resources are precious, in fact priceless…

Energy demand is growing globally, whilst climate change threatens both our habitat and species as a whole.

In a modern world with an ageing infrastructure, traditional methods for generating and distributing power can no longer meet our needs in an efficient and environmentally responsible way…

Circuitree is different…

We are inspired by four guiding principles:

Our products must be low impact, fully autonomous, require little or no maintenance and be built for longevity.

They must be quick to deploy, simple to use, broad in application and safe in operation.

They must be competitive in terms of cost, performance and function in a diverse and evolving global marketplace.

They must be environmentally responsible, throughout their entire lifecycle.

The results are game changing.



Circuitree systems capture and store energy from new or existing P.V installations. Find out more about how Circuitree can enable you to store the energy you generate.


Circuitree protects your business agaist rising energy costs. Find out how Circuitree can increase your business’ energy resilience and reduce your reliance on grid power.


Circuitree allows up to 100% of your farm’s solar generation to be consumed on site. Find out how Circuitree can make your business more self-sufficient.


Circuitree offers bespoke solutions, tailored to your specific application. Find out how your business can benefit from our in house expertise


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